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Colloquium and Events

Computational Linguistics Colloquium

As part of the doctoral program, we are running a Computational Linguistics Colloquium.

Other events

Coherence in language processing: Semantics beyond the sentence - Tutorials and Talks

Date Lecturer Title
12.10.-16.10.2015 Nate Chambers
United States Naval Academy
03.11.-06.11.2014 Noah Smith
Carnegie Mellon University
Machine Learning about People from their Language
30.09.-04.10.2013 Dan Roth
University of Illinois
Predicting Structures in NLP: Constrained Conditional Models and Integer Linear Programming
Colloquium talk:
Better Natural Language Analysis and Amortized Integer Linear Programming [Abstract]
27.06.-28.06.2013 Bonnie Webber
ILCC, School of Informatics,
University of Edinburgh
Colloquium talk:
Reflections on the Penn Discourse Treebank
15.10.-19.10.2012 Ido Dagan
Bar Ilan University
Tutorial on Textual Entailment
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