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Current members and their research topics

Doctoral students

Katarina Boland:Data analysis
Angela Fahrni:Concept Identification Using Graph-based Disambiguation
Parvin Sadat Feizabadi:Semantic Role Labeling, Location Semantic Roles
Matthias Hartung:Distributional modeling of adjective meaning
Felix Hieber:Cross-language Learning-to-rank for User Generated Data
Yufang Hou: Knowledge Extraction from Wikipedia for Bridging Resolution
Laura Jehl:Cross-language Patent Retrieval
Alex Judea:Concept and Entity Disambiguation
Sebastian MartschatCoreference Resolution
Mohsen Mesgar:Modeling Local Coherence
Éva Mújdricza-Maydt: Narrative Chains
Tri-Duc Nghiem: Information Extraction
Olga Nikitina:Natural Language Generation, Discourse Analysis
Daraksha Parveen:Multi-document Summarization
Patrick Simianer Statistical Machine Translation
Eva Sourjikova:Fine-grained Named Entity Recognition and Classification
Katharina Wäschle:Integration of statistical machine translation and computational semantics
Britta Zeller:Lexical semantics and computational morphology for Textual Entailment


Anette Frank:statistical modeling of semantics, discourse processing, information extraction
Sebastian Padó:multilinguality, textual entailment, computational psycholinguistics
Stefan Riezler: machine learning for NLP, especially, statistical machine translation, question answering, information retrieval
Michael Strube:discourse, natural language generation, knowledge extraction
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